eric daigh: pushpin portraits


'pushpin portraits' by eric daigh
'mayday', 2012 183cm x 122cm
all images © eric daigh

michigan-based portraitist eric daigh has broadened his 'pushpin' series with two new pieces entitled 'mayday' and 'throwing blankets'. the artist creates large-scale artworks, often depicting faces, using thousands of meticulously arranged colored tacks as the chief medium. the pieces are generated to achieve shading, toning and depth reminiscent to that of a photograph, however, this can only be seen in a clearer resolution when viewing the work from further away, as each pin acts much as pixel would.
daigh's philosophy behind each piece is a reflection on his understanding of identity:
'in my work I aim to explore themes of individuality and representation. my subjects are imprisoned, diluted, marginalized. their escape, however, is imminent.whether a symptom of corporate and social homogenization, or the four base pairs of DNA, we are products of just a small handful of variables. in five colors of plastic, you can be reproduced. I enjoy very much making something digital with my hands. I enjoy making work that requires a physical proximity. I enjoy the fact that this work travels from the intangible, the binary, to the tactile, the singular.
by invoking these mediums, I hope to generate a dialogue and sentiment that has something to do with the effort, repetition, focus, discipline, absurdity, and love that went into its making.'

'throwing blankets', 2012
193cm x 396cm

'our ideas of value', 2012
183cm x 122cm

detail of the pushpins

'to the extent that it's useful', 2011
183cm x 122cm

'always an inch below the surface', 2011
183cm x 122cm