bicho: reclaimed branch lighting by martinho pita


'bicho' by martinho pita
all images © francisco nogueira
portuguese architect and designer martinho pita has conceived a lamp entitled 'bicho' - meaning 'creature'. the hand-made lighting pieces are made from portuguese holm (holly) oak trees - a type of wood used for centuries and is known for its hardness and high quality firewood. to fabricate the design, pita carefully selects the branches - cutting the piece at a particular angle so the tree is able to heal itself - and peels it while it is still soft. the aesthetic of each piece is evocative of a species or animal with the textile-covered electrical cords running through each lamp in a different way to resemble the blood as a life-giving source.
pita describes the philosophy behind his work:
'I love the process of things so it's 'mistakes' are still intact. I believe to be essential to try things for myself first and be able to see them from different perspectives. product-design is not my field but i believe the absence of preconception is essential when you want to create something original, from within. I don't identify myself with repetition since everything in life is unique. each lamp is unpredictable and tells his own story.'

the cord runs through the body resembling a life source of blood

the textile-covered electrical cords running through the lamps vary in color from black to red patterns

the designs are made from portuguese holm (holly) oak trees

'bicho' with a grey cord

detail showing the textile cord

each design is unique to the branch used

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